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How do we implement Industry 4.0 quickly and efficiently?  This is the question currently being addressed by many industrial companies. Instead of fiddling around on their own, collaboration is needed now more than ever. Everyone benefits from the exchange of technical information and data: plant operators, service providers and manufacturers of machines and components for the process industry. Operational procedures and processes can be automated to a higher degree and thus made more efficient for all those involved. This is the most important step on the way to the smart factory!

To ensure that everything works smoothly, standards and platforms for the exchange of information between all partners are required. It is precisely these standards and technologies that companies and technology suppliers in the process industry have developed together.


Digital Data Chain - Overview

Digital Data Chain - Relation to other standards


The digital data chain connects three technologies:

-  Automatic identification of physical objects (IEC 61406),
-  Digital manufacturer information (VDI 2770) and
-  Digital information exchange platforms (IEP)

to a coordinated approach for automated identification of objects in work processes, as well as automated access to information about the objects. The boxes below will take you to detailed information on the respective technology.


Automatic identification of physical objects

IEC 61406 (predecessor specification DIN SPEC 91406)

In order to automate access to information and data of plant components, these must be quickly and unambiguously identifiable.  The technology for automatic identification of physical objects was defined in IEC 61406.


Digital manufacturer information

VDI Standard 2770

How can documents be easily transferred and processed between manufacturers, operators and external service providers? And in what form does the manufacturer information have to be available? This is exactly what the VDI standard 2770 "Digital Manufacturer Information" specifies.


Cloud based information exchange platform


Maintenance instructions, technical specifications or spare parts lists - cloud-based information exchange platforms make it easy to share all required information between all companies involved. This creates a fully integrated digital data chain between manufacturers, service providers and operators.


The consortium consists of plant operators in the process industry, technology suppliers for the process industry and providers of technical services for plant operators in the process industry. The following link takes you to an overview of all member companies of the consortium.

News & Events


New DDCC members

The companies "Flowserve SIHI Germany GmbH" and "inevvo solutions GmbH & Co. KG" were confirmed as new consortium members at the Digital Data Chain consortium meeting on 2022, November 17th.



Here you will find answers to questions regarding the Digital Data Chain.